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Diocesan Administration

Diocese of Niranam

 Diocesan Administration

  • Diocesan Council


Two Priests and four laymen elected by the Diocesan Assembly and the Diocesan Secretary will be the members of the Council. Their term of office will be five years. If in the meantime any vacancy arises in the Council the remaining members have the right to co-opt another instead. The Secretary of the Diocesan Assembly will be the Secretary of the council. The Diocesan Metropolitan will convene the Council and will preside over the meeting. The Diocesan Council usually meets at least twice a year. The Diocesan Council will prepare the budget for the Income and Expenditure of the Diocese.



  • Managing Committee


In the Mulamthuruthy synod which formulated the Malankara association had laid down the provision for the managing committee, a smaller body to look into the financial and other administrative matters. The members are elected by the association, two priests and four lay people representing each Diocese are elected for a period of five years. Other than the elected members, a proportionate number of members are nominated to the Managing Committee by the Malankara Metropolitan. The members of the Working Committee are also members of the Managing Committee.


  • Diocesan General Assembly

The Diocesan bishop presides over the Diocesan General Assembly meetings. All matters related to the Diocese is discussed and decided in the General body assembly including the budget and accounts. If necessary the Malankara Metropolitan can also convene the diocesan General body. The representation of the lay people is based on the number of parishioners. The term of members will be five years.