The holy Synod in a recent meeting decided to organise an ecological commission  in its sevice wing to cater to the demands of the environment in this changing global scenario with the following objectives.
1.To construct eco-spirituality centres at various places owned by the Church for encouraging meditation and for organising eco-camps.
2. To educate the faithful regarding the perils of environmental degradation.
3. To create awareness in the citizens regarding the dangers of climate change caused by pollution.
4. To train people to create a healthy environment having access to clean water air and soil.
5. To encourage farmers to accept bio-farming as a regular farming practice.
6. To educate people to turn to an absolutely plastic-free life.
7. To undertake projects to study and monitor the environmental impact of various developemental activities.
8. To conduct classes, seminars and workshops on various aspects of environment management and biodiversity conservation. 
9. To organise competitions among students on environmental topics.