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Daily Prayer - English

Diocese of Niranam

 God our Father, ocean of love, have mercy on the world. God the Son, who by his incarnation death and resurrection saved us, redeem the world. God the Holy Spirit, who gives life to all and perfects the whole creation, empower us. Triune God, who by sharing eternal love brings justice and peace to the world, make use of us. Grant our ancient church a vision for the whole nation of India so that we may be able to show your love and glory to our brothers and sisters in this country. Give your church the mission to root out all miserable death due to poverty and lack of medical care. Inspire us to spread the light of knowledge from this highly literate state of Kerala to other less literate states. Above all, sanctify us and fill our selfish selves with the love of the Cross and make us prophets of social justice. Grant us grace to overcome all obstacles, like David who affirmed in faith, ‘By my God I shall jump over the wall’. Enlighten us by Your Word so that we may truly live the gospel of your Only Begotten Son. Help us to suffer with all those who are condemned to lead pitiable lives in urban slums and villages. If it is Your will, prepare us to die the death of martyrs. Help us to be divinized by the constant meditation of Your Word and by the living participation in the sacraments so that we may divinize others and produce many faithful workers for your glory. Lord, raise many more labourers for the work of Your vineyard. Increase the number of those who generously and without compulsion give tithe for the work of the gospel. Make us all completely Yours. We glorify you, God, Our Father, together with your only begotten son and Your Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.